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Just Hyderabadi Things was founded in 2011 as an entertainment Facebook Page with the name “Hyderabadi Chabutra”. In 2013, the name was changed to “Just Hyderabadi Things”, with the aim to portray Hyderabadi culture through humor. Since then, we have gained massive response for our work, and were able to reach millions within a short span of years.

We have gained accolades from various people and organizations, and were featured on many tabloids including The New Indian Express and Telangana Today. We were also featured on Buzzfeed as one of the best pages based in Hyderabad.

After the Facebook Page grew over time with over 200K followers in 2016, we started this blog at with the aim to document Hyderabadi Heritage and a local news platform. However, this idea was shortly scraped due to some technical problems at our end, and the blog was inactive since then. Now in 2020, we have again rebranded and restarted our work sincerely with a group of authors and contributors, who would help us in making this blog truly Hyderabadi.

Just Hyderabadi Things now collectively has over half a million followers across platforms, and we are only increasing in numbers. We have spread our wings on Instagram, TwitterYouTube and LinkedIn too. If you want to sponsor our work, or work with us for our same motive, please drop a mail at justhydthings  we would respond at the earliest.

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