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6 Best Mandi Restaurants In Hyderabad

When we talk about Hyderabad, the first thing that comes into mind is Biryani; you must try Hyderabadi Biryani, but don’t forget to try Mandi.

If you are a Hyderabadi, you must know about Mandi, but if you are a visitor, let me tell you Mandi is not a Hyderabadi dish traditionally. Mandi has originated from the cities of Yemen, and it is an Arabic dish. This dish comprises Basmati rice, Lamb meat, and some spices cooked for a minimum of 8-10 hours with a unique technique. As it’s an Arabic dish, it has very subtle and less spicy flavors.

Biryani and Mandi both have some similarities; however, the process of cooking is entirely different from one another. Biryani comprises of pre-marinated meat cooked with Basmati rice, But the process of cooking Mandi is quite different, as the lamb meat mixed with spices is slow-cooked in a tandoor for hours, and basmati rice flavored with the broth of lamb.

Mandi always comes up with the traditions of Arabs. It is served on a huge plate full of flavored rice and meat on the top, which can be shared easily with 2 to 3 members. It can be enjoyed sitting cross-legged on floor seating arrangement and shared on a single plate.

So we want you to experience the best Mandi in Hyderabad. Let’s check out the list:

Aazebo- The Royal Arabian Resatuarant

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The authentic Arabian ambiance, quality, and taste everything anyone could look for, Mandi’s best place in Hyderabad is Aazebo. Once you step into the restaurant, you’ll see the Arabic custom of sitting on the floor, carpets, and wall paintings. So this restaurant has two branches in Hyderabad, one is in Madhapur, and another one is at Tolichowki, which has recently started.

You can start your food with Shorba, lamb soup, and varieties of starters. The Mandi will then be served on a large platter of rich flavored rice toppings with soft and well-cooked lamb meat, dry fruits, and caramelized onions.

Spice 6 – The Arab Villagio

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This is the one-stop for experiencing the best Mandi or complete Middle Eastern cuisine. You’ll find different varieties of authentic Arabic rice dishes as Mandi/kabsa or tender, juicy kababs, and can finish it with a dessert-like “Kunafa”. This restaurant offers you table dining for Mandi with a mesmerizing interior. I genuinely recommend you try this place once to enjoy the Middle Eastern atmosphere.

Mandi@36- Arabian Kitchen

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An elegant and spacious restaurant which is well known for it’s Mandi. It has both downsitting and table dining service with great ambiance. This restaurant’s menu will give you hunger vibes to try many varieties of Mandis in the option like Chicken Mandi, Mutton Mandi, Soft tender meat on top OR Grilled chicken OR boiled meat with spices. It’s a must-try place with a squad of friends.

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Date – A Middle East Food Affair

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Another place to enjoy Mandi in Hyderabad with a complete Arabian ambiance. Once you enter the restaurant, you’ll see a camel and sand covering the complete ground. There are different paths for different seating areas like table dining, in the garden dining area/outdoor dining, private dining sections, and down seating area with attractive lighting. You can enjoy very delicious finger-licking, Mandi, here with an excellent presentation at a lesser price.

Yum Yum Tree

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Mandi would taste you much better with a suitable ambiance, which you could get here. A medium-size restaurant with a tremendous Arabian mood arrangement, a colorful interior, lights, and ground seating on carpets sharing Mandi in one single platter. This place could give you a great experience of a unique culture and serves mouthwatering veg mandi. It will be open till late at night for walking customers. The specialty of this place is Mandi, of course, but you can finish your dinner or lunch with must-try desserts like Baklawa.

Marsala Food Company

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Nowadays, Mandi is giving a tough competition to Biryanis in Hyderabad. If you want to try one of the finest Mandis in Hyderabad, this is the right choice. You can come along with your family or friends. They give you a choice to choose members from 2-20 members. The quantity of rice and the ratio of meat is worthy. They have varieties of mandis in options like Fish Mandi, Mutton Mandi, chicken Mandi and mixed Mandi. So grab a plate of yummy Mandi at this place and give a treat to your palette.

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