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Bangalore Vs Hyderabad : Which City Is Better?

Bangalore, also known as Bengaluru, is the capital of Karnataka State. Thousands of people travel from different locations to this city to hunt for new job opportunities and establish businesses. Comparatively, if we talk about Hyderabad – it is the capital city of Telangana State. Hyderabad is one of the fastest-growing cities in India. If we talk about the GDP of Hyderabad is massively around 50 Billion dollars.

So, let’s compare Bangalore and Hyderabad on various aspects:

Population And Area

Bangalore: It is the 4th largest populated metro city with 8000 SQ km of the area, making it India’s 2nd largest metropolitan city. In terms of population, we can see around 1.35 crore of the population lives in Bangalore.

Hyderabad : The city is spread over 650 sq. kms. Hyderabad Metropolitan area is distributed on 7257 sq. kms, India’s 3rd largest metropolitan city with nearly 1.4 Crore of Population, making it the top 6th position in India.

Job Opportunities

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Bangalore: It is India’s capital city in terms of IT & software professionals, and still, it holds the 1st position in the IT sector. For smart working employees, this city will offer you excellent career enhancement offers. 

India’s biggest biotechnological company Biocon and on the other hand Infosys and headquarter of Wipro and India’s largest e-commerce site Flipkart is located in Bangalore, that’s why it is also known as Silicon Valley of India.

Hyderabad: It is also a promising city for job opportunities for fresher/experience in every sector.

It is rapidly leading in the IT section as a growing sector. Many reputed IT companies like Accenture, Cognizant, Wipro, Dell, Oracle, and many more available within city limits, and Hi-tech city is the IT hub for Hyderabad. They are nowadays providing work from home, depending upon the pandemic situation.

On the other hand, we have a leading e-commerce company like Amazon based in Hyderabad that frequently offers many job opportunities.

City View And Weather


We all know how fascinating city Bangalore is with its lights, parks, greenery on roadsides, and many more for which it is also known as Garden City. The famous wall paintings you can find in street buildings make it a lovely and modern touch.

Through-out the year you can experience mild and calm weather.


Hyderabad is known for its Heritage looks in each corner of the city. According to the survey in 2019 by, Hyderabad ranked as a top city to live and work in India. You can see many flyovers and tall buildings in the city with so much greenery and less pollution to live a healthy life. 

And when we talk about the weather, Hyderabad gives you all climate experiences as per the seasons. Mostly you can find clear sun-kissed days and nights below 28 degrees Celsius with calm winds all the time.


Bangalore: It has a lot many high skyscraper buildings, which makes it remarkable. Mantri Pinnacle is the tallest building in Bangalore, which has 46 floors and many other facilities like 

  1. World trade center
  2. SNN Clermont
  3. Sobha Indraprastha
  4. Maya Indradhanush
  5. Karle zenith one, and so on.

Hyderabad: In Hyderabad, you can watch so many tall and unusual buildings in the city coming up with an excellent exterior concept which attracts you. Below are some well-known structures in Hyderabad. 

  1. Lodha Belleza towers
  2. Sky View
  3. Lanco Hills
  4. Fish Building 
  5. Aliens Space 

Hyderabad is heading forward with many new projects in infrastructure developments in the coming years.

Languages And Religions

Bangalore: According to the survey people say most people should know speaking in Kannada and according to the reports.

  • 48% of people are Kannadigas 
  • 25% of Tamilians, 
  • 14% Telagites, 
  • 8% Europeans,
  • 10% Keralites and 
  • 6% other languages of people surviving

It represents Bangalore as a proper cosmopolitan city. You can find various religious people who stay and survives smoothly. You can find a lot of Temples, Mosques, and Churches in and around the city.

Hyderabad: The city is known for its humble and helping nature. The local citizens could make you feel very comfortable to communicate and guide. Most people speak Urdu, Hindi, Telugu, English, and some Malayalam in this city. 

According to the reports here, we have 

  • 38% of Muslims
  • 55% Hindus 
  • 4% of Christians
  • 3% of other caste people

You will find so many mosques in every area, and equally, you’ll be able to see temples and churches. Who celebrates every festival as one family irrespective of religion.


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Bangalore: When we talk about Bangalore’s education, you will find 21 Engineering colleges and 57 other colleges affiliated to Bangalore University.

Hyderabad: In Hyderabad’s education sector Osmania University is the 1st University in Hyderabad. It has 720 colleges affiliated with this university, making it the most extensive college affiliation in Asia.

Read more:


Transportation plays a vital role anywhere in the world.

Metro Trains:

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Bangalore: The largest medium of travelling in the city is Metro railways, where Bangalore has India’s 3rd longest Metro route.

Hyderabad: After Delhi metro railways, Hyderabad has the 2nd longest operational metro rail route in Pan India.


Bangalore: On the other hand, Bangalore has also started intra city Volvo buses for the first time in India, and it also holds the longest bus route in PAN India. 

Hyderabad: In Hyderabad, you’ll find RTC bus availability every 2 minutes, which reaches every corner of the city. In addition to that, you’ll find so many AC buses even for your convenience.


Bangalore: In Bangalore, you’ll find some difficulties dealing with auto fares as most auto drivers will impose extra charges as a tip, night fare charges before the time. 

Hyderabad: Where in Hyderabad, you can find options to commute by auto as sharing or non-sharing autos. Sharing autos will help you out to travel at a lower price.


Bangalore: Bangalore Airport is known as Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru. For easy travelling can opt Airport bus or cabs which can be readily available and convenient to book online.

Hyderabad: Hyderabad Airport is known as Rajiv Gandhi International Airport at Shamshabad. PV Narasimha Rao flyover is the longest flyover in India, with 11.6 kms made to provide hassle-free travelling to the airport by cabs, carpooling, or airport bus, which are available online for easy bookings.

Cost Of Living

Bangalore: The cost of living is dependent on many factors as food, quality of rental accommodation, education, travelling, and entertainment you prefer.

In Bangalore, you’ll find 2bhk at the cost of around 15000/–20000 rupees with a minimum of five months of rent deposit + between 600-1000 rupees would be the electricity charges for non-ac accommodation. Comparatively, this city is a bit expensive if you’re an average salary earner. 

Hyderabad: Hyderabad is also a metropolitan city, but it is cheaper than Bangalore in terms of everything.

Example: You can get at a A 2bhk home at the cost of 10,000 rupees with two months of minimum deposit + approximately 300 rupees would be the Electricity charges.


Bangalore: In Bangalore, most of the best food option would be vegetarian. Some of the famous dishes in Bangalore is Idli Sambhar, Pulao, Bun Nippat, Momos, Bisi Bele Bhath, and Gourmet pizza.

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Hyderabad: We all know that Hyderabad is the best place in India for foodies. Firstly the Hyderabadi Biryani, Kebabs, Pathar ka Gosht, Nihari in breakfast, Irani Chai, Haleem, Mughlai Cuisine, and many more. You’ll get 140+ types of biryanis in Hyderabad. 

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We can recommend Bangalore for vegetarian food and Hyderabad for Non-vegetarians.

Night Life And Entertainment

Bangalore: In Bangalore, everything gets close at 11.30 pm-12.00 am. Generally, if you want to go out, then a long drive could be the option. Meanwhile, you can enjoy a movie life on the weekend’s daytime, Goldfinch Retreat, Parks, Urban valley rose, Wonderla, or Escape room. This city is quite disappointing in the entertainment factor as you have very fewer options available.

Hyderabad: If you see Hyderabad, Usually it says as Life “since 11.00pm the time starts for Nightlife.” You’ll find so many options to have a nightlife like Pubs, Restaurants, street food and much more. 

For weekdays or weekends, you have many ways to enjoy your life after a hectic work schedule in Hyderabad. 

  • Snow world- A snow theme park
  • Malls and theatres
  • Lakes and Resorts
  • Ramoji Film city
  • Golconda Fort
  • Water parks, and many more.

Countless places you can explore to enjoy and spend time with family and friends.

Heritage And Culture

Bangalore: It is combined with many different religious people from other places and combinable they represent different cultures and showcase the unique ideas and festivals of their native homes. Bangalore celebrates the oldest festival in a massive way known as “Karaga Shaktyotsava” or Bengaluru Karaga.

Hyderabad: It is known for its opulent Heritage and rich culture in the world. Hyderabad is a city of Nawabs with a great history. It has ample of Monuments, arts, historical places to visit and live that era of Mughals. One place you cannot miss to visit is Charminar, the spotlight of the city. Many bazaars, street markets, Forts and palaces, Art exhibitions, Museums, and mesmerizing dance forms and music are part of the town.


Bangalore: It’s a fact that Bangalore has narrow roads and terrible traffic experiences you’ll face. While travelling to the office and home, you need to spend much of your time in traffic as the movement frequency is shallow. You cannot find time to spend with family on weekdays after the job. 

Hyderabad: It also has traffic issues but not like Bangalore as Hyderabad has wide and clean roads and many flyovers, which diverts the traffic to their dedicated routes. In Comparison with Bangalore, this city has relatively less population and cars. You may experience slow movement during peak hours, but it will still get clear in some minutes. 


The choice clearly would be yours to select any city to live and work. The information has been given on real facts and figures. If you have any queries or suggestions so, please let us know in the below comment box.

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