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Best Function Halls For Muslims In Hyderabad

A wedding has always been the most exciting event for everyone, from parading their dresses and pearls to meeting and greeting up on a special day. In the city of Pearls, Hyderabad, a traditional religious wedding culture carried on from ancient times, has always been admired all over India. The Prophet (PBUH) said, “When a man marries he has fulfilled half of his Deen; so let him fear Allah regarding the remaining half.

For a Muslim wedding, a lot of aspects come into the picture. Like separate sections for males and females, many others need to be looked after when selecting a suitable wedding hall. Keeping that in mind, the best wedding halls ideal for a Muslim wedding has been listed below:

Vintage Palace:

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1.1 About The Place

Vintage Palace provides separate seating sections for the different genders. The availability of parking for 100+ vehicles makes the driver’s job much more comfortable. There is a Sprawling lawn for outdoor events that can also be utilized as kids playing zone by arranging inflatable sliders. Massive events can sometimes turn messy, and the Changing Room’s Availability makes it much more appealing. There is a Changing Room (with AC) available in the hall cost and 3 Lodging rooms available, which adds up the price by Rs.2000. Vintage Palace stands out and suits perfectly for an event with a large and average number of people as the Hall Capacity is 1350 with 900 seating area and Lawn capacity is 450 with 300 seating areas.

1.2 About The Cost

The cost per vegetarian plate is Rs.400, while the price per Non-vegetarian dish is Rs.500, including a tremendous skilled Staff. However, an independent Food/Caterer arrangement is allowed—extra Lodging room costs below Rs.2000. At last 30% Advance payment is required at the time of booking with Taxes F&B 18% applied.

1.3 About Location And Time

It also allows overnight gatherings as event allotment time is from 7:30 AM to 3:00 AM.

Location: Vintage Palace is Golconda Road, Karwan West. It is situated along the other function halls, there by creating an Aura of wedding excitement.

Contact : +918048125640

King’s Palace:

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2.1 About The Place

There are separate sections for males and females. The most Appealing point being the availability of 2 Changing rooms (with AC). Availability of Sprawling Lawn and a Banquet Hall making room for arranging more fun events at the wedding. Suitable for a broad audience as the Hall Capacity is 1200 with 800 seating area, and Lawn capacity is 2250 with 1500 seating area. It is Suitable for drivers as there is ample parking space available.

2.2 About The Cost

The cost per vegetarian plate is Rs.300, while the price per non-vegetarian plate is Rs.350.

However, external food/caterers, as well as decorators, are also allowed. The booking amount for King’s Palace is Rs.50000.

2.3 About Location And Time

Location: It is in a well-connected area on Gudimalkapur Road, Ushodaya Colony, Mehdipatnam. The allotment is Morning: 6 AM to 5 PM and Evening: 6 PM to 6 AM, thereby allowing overnight parties.

Contact: +918048127393

Metro Classic Garden:

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3.1 About The Place

Metro Classic Garden is an impressively spectacular venue to make your event exceptionally outstanding. The venue provides skillful and professional staff to execute the event. The venue offers lavish decoration, which brings a spark to the event. You are allowed to arrange your caterer to present your favorite delicacies to the guests. The venue has a well-seated arrangement with its hall capacity of 600-900 and a lawn capacity of 1000-1500, alongside two complimentary air-conditioned changing rooms included in the sum. The availability of a Sprawling lawn for outdoor events adds up as a plus point for the venue. The parking lot allows 30 vehicles to fit in here.

3.2 About The Cost

The cost per veg plate is Rs.350, while the cost per non-veg plate is Rs.450, with an 18% tax applied. The advance payment required for the booking is Rs.50000.

3.3 About Location And Time

Location: Metro Classic Garden is located, Opp. Parivar Dhaba, Adarsh Nagar. The time allotted for the events is Morning: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM Evening: 6:00 PM to 2:00 AM.

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Raj Mahal:

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4.1 About The Place

Raj Mahal is a comfortably located venue with less population and less disturbance. This venue provides a spacious lush green lawn and banquet hall, which is the perfect place to host large gatherings. They have highly skilled and professional staff for the proper execution of your function. External catering service is allowed to bring unique delicacies for your guests. The venue provides the décor service.

However, you are allowed to get external decorators for the event as well. This venue is highly preferable if you have outstation guests as the location is near the Airport. The lawn and Air Conditioned Hall Capacity in the Raj Mahal is 600-1000, with two complimentary AC changing rooms. There is an Ample parking space available as well.

4.2 About The Cost

The cost per vegetarian plate is Rs.300 per plate, and per non-vegetarian plate is Rs.400 with 18% F&B taxes Applied. 30% advance payment needs to be done, and cancellation is permissible.

4.3 About Location And Time

Location: A suitable place for outstation guests is situated Opposite Indian Oil Petrol Pump, Langerguda, Shamshabad, Airport Road.

Timings and slots that Raj Mahal Function Hall provides is Morning: 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Evening: 6:00 PM to 4:00 AM, which is convenient for all the events.

Contact: +918048073195

Eden Garden:

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5.1 About The Place

Eden Garden is one of the most Royal and exquisite venues for weddings, receptions, and other events. The Royalty of the place outshines as it is the place where Barrister of Hyderabad got married. The critical point of selecting this venue for your special event is its location. It is situated in Hyderabad’s center, making it central for people from all the corners of the city.

The capacity of the Eden Garden lawn is 100-150, while the capacity of the Hall is 600-1000 with two complimentary Air-conditioned changing rooms. External decorators are not allowed as indoor decorators are available for the place. Catering for the event must be arranged externally as the venue doesn’t provide catering services. There is ample of parking space open for around 80 vehicles.

5.2 About The Cost

The venue’s cost is Rs.300 per veg plate and Rs.400 per non-veg plate, with 18% F&B taxes applied. 30% advance payment must be made to book the venue, and cancellation is allowed.

5.3 About Location And Time

Location: It is located in the center of the city on Eden Garden Rd, King Kothi, Ramkoti, King Koti, Hyderguda. The venue’s slot timings are Morning: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Evening: 6:00 PM to 4:00 AM.

Contact: +918048128085

Lake View Banjara:

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6.1 About The Place

Lake View Banjara Function Hall is a prestigious venue for a wedding, reception ceremonies, and so on. A stunning venue to add style and splendor to make your event traditionally Aesthetic. The venue provides you a choice to hire your catering service and decorators to select your design for the event decoration and select your favorite delicacy for the event.

However, the venue also provides in house decorators and catering service to make things easier for you. Staff is well train, patient, and skilled to make your event perfect. The hall capacity of Lake view Banjara is 600-1000, with two complimentary air-conditioned changing rooms. The most sickening point of Indian function halls has been unhygienic and low maintenance of the WC. Lake view Banjara provides well maintained, clean and hygienic WC for your guests, which adds up as a plus point to a successful event. The venue also includes a parking lot for Almost 75 vehicles.

6.2 About The Cost

Lake View Banjara’s cost per veg plate is Rs.350, and per non-veg plate is Rs.400 with 18% tax applied. However, Rs.20000 must be paid in advance for the booking. Cancellation is also permissible.

6.3 About Location And Time

Location: Lake View Banjara Function Hall is located in Burri Residency, 8-2-618 Opposite To Care Hospital, Rd Number 11, Banjara Hills making it easily accessible for the people in all the corners of the city. The time allotted for the events is between 8:00 AM to 12:00 AM.

Meridian Function Palace:

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7.1 About The Place

Meridian function palace is an iconic venue to host a successful event. It is a multi-storeyed building which helps in providing separate sections for both the genders. The venue provides a cooperative and hard-working staff to make sure your event gets manage and executed smoothly. It permits you to get your decorators and design your dream event correctly. It also allows outdoor catering service giving you the liberty to decide divine delicacies that your guests would devour.

The venue has ample parking space for 50 Vehicles provided valet parking for the guests arriving in their private vehicles. It gives you access to AV equipment and power backup. The hall capacity of the venue is 500-800, with a traditional overall look. The venue is suitable and adds up a perfect iconic touch to your event.

7.2 About The Cost

The cost per veg plate is Rs.600, and per non-veg plate is Rs.700 at the venue, including 18% F&B tax. It has a non-cancellable booking procedure with 20% of advance payment compelled.

7.3 About Location And Time

Location: The location for the venue, Meridian Function Palace, is 16-3-991/1/H/A, Government Printing Press Road, New Malakpet, a 35min drive for the outstation guests arriving by plane and a 10 min drive for the guests arriving by train.

The allotted time slots at Meridian Function Palace are Morning: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM and Evening: 6:00 PM to 12:00 AM.

Contact: +918048128896

Golden Palace Function Hall:

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8.1 About The Place

Golden Palace Function Hall is an exuberant venue to host a sweet memorable event. It is a multistoried building which helps in providing separate sections for both the genders. The staff at Golden Palace is highly skilled and experienced. The venue offers an elegant décor as the structure has been uniquely built and requires less effort to make it look perfect.

The venue serves flavorsome veg and non-veg delicacies for your guests. However, an outhouse decorator and caterer is permissible for you to select your desired options. The venue provides parking for almost 40 vehicles. The hall capacity of the venue is 2000-3000 provided 2 Air-conditioned Changing rooms. The venue has a comfortable lodging facility giving out an inviting ambiance.

8.2 About The Cost

The cost per veg plate is Rs.600, and per non-veg plate is Rs.700, with 18% F&B tax applied. The venue demands 25% Advance Payment for the booking.

8.3 About Location And Time

Location: Golden Palace Function Hall is located on 7 Tombs Road, Raghava Colony, Jhansi Nagar Colony, Hans Nagar Colony, Tolichowki.

Timing and slots allowed are Morning: 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM and Evening: 6:00 PM to 12:00 AM.

Contact: +918048128852

A memorable and most remarkable day it is,

A break from the long life devastation it is,

Select pretty attires and perfect locations,

Set back, relax as it’s time for celebrations.

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