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Best Pure Veg Restaurants In Hyderabad

The city of ‘Nawabs’ doesn’t hold itself back when it comes to food. Hyderabad is an excellent place for foodies. It has a wide variety of flavours from around the world. From North Indian thalis to South-Indian thalis, veg to non-veg and dieticians, you get here every kind of meal. When it comes to pure veg, there are excellent restaurants in Hyderabad. Veg food is not so dull when you are in Hyderabad. The savouries of these restaurants are so spectacular. Let’s begin –

Here’s a list of pure veg restaurants in Hyderabad. 

  1. Little Italy
  2. Al’a Liberty
  3. Ohris De Thali
  4. Taj Mahal
  5. Mana Illu Vasantha Bhavan
  6. Filmy Tadka
  7. Bikanervala
  8. Rotis
  9. Rajdhani Thali 
  10. Tatva

Little Italy

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Description: It has a blend of pure Italian and European delicacies. It’s famous for its pure vegetarian savouries. It has a comfy seating area. The most famous dishes served here are pasta Barbaresco, mango cheesecake, crepe, Italian pizza, Ravioli, Bruschetta besides veggies. 

  • Where: Hi-tech city 
  • Time: 12- 3:30 pm
  • 7-11 pm
  • Cost: 1800 for 2 people (approx)

A’La Liberty 

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Description: It’s a great place for gatherings, along with a delicious meal. It has multiple cuisines of Indian, Italian, Continental, and Asian delicacies. Here you will taste delicious meals from every corner of the world. The amazing veg dishes you get here are old fashioned paneer, amazing Italian soups, aromatic veg kebabs, Italian pizzas and pasta, naans, North-Indian’s ‘dal tadka,’ and lastly, the desserts for your sweet tooth. Hyderabadi veg biryani is soo yum.

  • Where: Banjara Hills road no. 12
  • Time: 12pm -11pm
  • Cost:800 for 2 persons

Ohris De Thali 

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Description: It’s one of the largest vegetarian restaurants in Hyderabad, having a mix of Chinese, North-Indian, and south-Indian kitchens. You can enjoy your tasty meals from Gujarati and Rajasthani thalis. The south-Indian dosas, parathas, and chocolate fountains are the centre of attractive meals. 

  • Where: white house building, Begumpet
  • Time: 12-3:30pm, 7-11:30pm
  • Cost: 1000 per 2 persons
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Taj Mahal Restaurant

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Description: It’s an iconic restaurant with impressive surroundings, having varieties of food from North-Indian and South-Indian cuisines. One can enjoy the breakfast served with a touch of the South-Indian thali having tasty and tangy sambar idli, vadas, and heartwarming dosas of different flavours with easing coffee

  • Where: Jubliee Hills 
  • Time:8am-11pm
  • Cost: 1000/ 2 persons

Mana Illu Vasantha Bhavan 

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Description: It’s a casual dining restaurant having flavours from North-Indian, South-Indian, and Chinese kitchens. The herbs and spices of southern India are tempered in the veggie dishes, which are so delectable. Palatable dosas and crispy vadas are must to be added to your healthy breakfast. It’s a pure veg restaurant having great South-Indian essence.

  • Where: Banjara Hills road no. 10
  • Cost: 500/ 2 persons

Filmy Tadka

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Description: The tadkas given here are of North-Indian and Chinese cuisines. Highly recommend Chinese soups, South-Indian curries, North-Indian shorbas. The meals here are so tempting and finger-licking for your hunger pangs.

  • Where: Amberpet
  • Time:11am-11pm
  • Cost: 550 / 2 persons


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Description: It’s famous for varieties of Indian snacks and sweets. When it comes to meals, it serves with the finest veggies having an amazing taste of North-Indian, South-Indian, Chinese and continental cuisines. Chole bhature, raj kachori, Chinese platter, dhokla, and Bengali sweets are the most popular dishes.

  • Where: Banjara Hills road no. 1
  • Time: 8am-11pm
  • Cost: 700/ 2 persons 


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Description: It’s an Italian restaurant having a touch of Asian, Continental, and Mexican menus. It also has a private dining room and perfect for a family restaurant. Most popular dishes are Mexican tortillas soup, green peas soup, paan shots, methi paneer, honey potato, and veg buffets.

  • Where: Hi-tech city, Madhapur
  • Time: 12-3:30pm, 7-11 pm
  • Cost: 1000/ 2 person

Rajdhani Thali

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Description: It has a pure blend of veggies taken from the North-Indian cuisines. Rajasthan and Gujarat’s savouries have tempting dishes like dal bhati churma, dhokla, chaans, and thalis. It has a very decent environment.

  • Where: Banjara Hills road no.3
  • Time:12pm-3:30pm, 7pm-11pm
  • Cost:750/ 2 person


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Description:  It’s an elegant restaurant serving a mix of vegetarian dishes from around the world with an amazing ambience. Popular dishes served here are tender coconut pannacotta, cracking spinach, sizzlers, tiramisu. If you are a pasta lover, have this tasty homemade tortellini and ravioli. The environment here is so cosy and peaceful.

  • Where:  Jubliee Hills 
  • Time: 7pm-11.30pm
  • Cost: 1500/ 2 persons 

Finally, the above restaurants also offer takeaways and can also be ordered online from popular apps like zomato and swiggy. Veggies are never regretful when you are a part of these stupefying restaurants.

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