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Charminar, A Promised Land For Shopaholics – What And Where To Buy

Charminar is the heart of a very well known place called the city of Nizams.

Yes! You have guessed it right; it is Hyderabad, which is quite well known for its world-famous delicacy “biryani.” It is a monument built by the 5th ruler of the Qutub Shahi Dynasty, Muhammad Quli Qutub Shah, in 1591. Charminar locates near Char Kaman, Ghansi Bazar Hyderabad.

This monument is surrounded by various shops, a heaven for our damsels who can satisfy their every need of boutique. It’s free of cost to enjoy this beauteous location. You can start your visit from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.

This magnificent place attracts visitors at one glance. Every item sold here gives you the glimpse of Sultans, which looks precious and radiating at a very affordable price. The bustling market and the hustling crowd will create havoc on all of your five senses- the aroma of mouth-watering kebabs and Irani chai, the glitter of lovely glass bangles, the dazzling pearly jewels, the ethnic footwear, and lastly, the stunning sarees. Let us observe in detail about these admirable elements.

Charminar Sarees

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These lustrous sarees will attract your eyes and heart, which will acknowledge you to buy more and more. It’s also worthy of our blushing brides to lighten up their ceremony. The glittering Pattu sarees, a massive collection of Banarasi and wedding sarees to flash up the party’s scene, lehenga cholis for sangeet, thumkas, daily wear comfortable cotton sarees, and so on.

Sparkling Bangles Of Laad Bazaar

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The bangles sold out here are eye-catching. If you visit Charminar, don’t forget to buy this glittery chudis. It dates back to the history of Quli Qutub Shah, who entitled that area as Laad Bazaar, where “Laad” means “lacquer,” which is used in the making of bangles.

The “Choodi Bazaar” is the primary market for bangles consisting of studded semi-precious stone bangles and pearly jewelry. The glimmering and tinkling sounds of the bangles will drag you soo close. Once you look closely at these tinkling braces, your heart will warm up to shout out Arey Wahh!!. The best shops which give you the finest bangles are Zohra bangle shop, Mussadiq Bangles, Nazaakat Bangles, and Hyderabad bangles. Have a visit to these shops. You may visit it between 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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The Astonishing Jewellery

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If it’s your wedding or attending a family function or a party, don’t hither and thither, grab your ola and move ahead to Charminar. You will get every item of jewelry, from necklaces to tiny nose pins you have been longing for. Ornaments like antique, bridal, gold, Kundan work, silver, and Navratna will remind you of the queens of the Nizams era.

Ethnic Footwear

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Footwear too? Yeah. You will get every type of footwear like chappals, sandals, shoes, and party wears for both men and women and kids. The right footwear will bring out the beauty of your lovely feet, starting at just 150 rupees. Must buy from Humsafar Footwear, AK Hollywood Footwear, Shalimar Shoes, and Omani Footwear.

Tips To Have Great Shopping In Charminar:

  1. If you’d love to enjoy the scenario more and more, try to visit it in the evening.
  2. Startle your loved ones, mother, wife, daughter, and sister by purchasing colorful and lustrous chudis from Laad Bazaar.
  3. Have a great supper or evening snack with delicious kebabs, Irani chai, and other famous cuisines that are finger-licking.
  4. Don’t forget to have a look at the beauty of Charminar. If you climb up, you will be able to see the complete aerial view of the city.

At last, enjoy your company with your family, friends or alone too. The shops’ crowd will create a scene of bargains, love, and affection of store owners towards their customers; the booming laughs and chatters of individuals will make you go enthusiastic.

Have a peaceful day, and stress out your worries by shopping here for the stuff you have desired for. There’s no question of Will I get it here. The answer is always, Yes! Yes! And Yes! The rich heritage and the scorching beauty of Charminar will off-track you. Don’t forget to explore this marvelous city and fill your joy to the fullest. It will be a part of a memorable moment in your life.

Comment down your favorite memories from Charminar; how was your experience in the city of Nizams?

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