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Nilofar Hospital and the story behind it

Situated in the Red Hills area of the Hyderabad Nilofar Hospital makes headlines from time to time.

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On any day we can see many expected mothers arriving, but why is this institution call Nilofar Hospital? Who was Nilofar ? Why is this hospital name after her ?

Who was Nilofar ?
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Nilofar was the daughter of last Khalifa of Ottoman Empire ” Abdul Majid “.

After the demolishion of Khilafat The Khalifa appealed Mir Osman Ali Khan Pasha for help as he was the richest man of that time.

Few years later when the Khalifa’s daughter Nilofar was of marriagble age a proposal was bought to the Nizam.

Nizam accept the proposal and Princess Nilofar was marry to Nizam’s youger son Moazzam Jhah.

Meanwhile Nizam’s elder son Azam Jhah was also married to Durre Shehvaar, both princess Durre Shehvaar and Nilofar were given lavish treatment and Royal life.

Couple of years after Princess Durre Shehvaar gave birth to a child but Princess Nilofar too longed for a child.

Years passed Princess Durre Shehvaar gave birth to another son but Princess Nilofar had to wait again.

There was great joy and celebrations in Nizam’s house because of sons of Azam jhah, despite all the celebrations Princess Nilofar was in a sad mood.

She wanted a child as an expression of motherhood and also because it would elevate her status.

Princess Shehvaar
Years passed and  Princess Shehvaar delivered yet another son once again Princess Nilofar was consume with guilt. Her inability to breed had driven her awat from her husband.

Time passes and World War 1 began and India was force into war by British government.

As Nizams were faithful Allys of British government they help British with money and aid. Princess Nilofar wholeheartedly involved herself in aid of the effort.

As the war proceed she received training in sistering, around this time her favorite servent absented from duty as she was pregnant. She never returned because she died in child birth.

This shocked Nilofar about neglegence in woman healthcare Nilofar plunged into huge efforts for child welfare and maternity.

    Her efforts towards meternity welfare and pain for motherhood lead to formation of Nilofar Hospital. Nilofar Hospital is still serving thousands of women and children for free of cost since it’s formation.

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