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Tackle A Fish – Best Fishing Spots In And Around Hyderabad

We love spending a peaceful time during the weekends by having a break from our scheduled busy routines. When it comes to peace, fishing is the best option to enjoy your day. Nowadays, fishing has taken on our minds rather than buying. While fishing, you can also cherish a small tour or a picnic to have a great day. Let us discover some exciting places to relish your fishing adventure in and nearby Hyderabad.

Here is a list of places to guide your fishing.

  • Durgam Cheruvu Lake
  • Ameenpur Lake
  • Shamirpet Lake
  • Osman Sagar
  • Pangal
  • Akkampally Reservoir
  • Nagarjunasagar Dam.

Durgam Cheruvu Lake

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Also called as “secret lake” is a must-visit to enjoy your fishing. It’s sIt’s present in Jubilee Hills of Hyderabad. The mesmerizing beauty of the place catches our hearts and eyes as well. You can have your wonderful day by spending some quality time with your loved ones. Be it a family picnic, hanging out with friends, or an uncommon practice in Hyderabad that’s “fishing.” Here, you get different types of fishes Rohu, Katla, Bochu, goldfish, and murrel. Appetizers made with these fishes are palatable. Besides fishing, you can also enjoy the lovely waterfalls, a rock garden, a floating fountain, and a coffee shop for refreshment. You can also experience a boat adventure by sailing around the lake. All you can have here is fun and joy.

Ameenpur Lake

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This is truly a charming place to visit. It’ sIt’s an excellent place for fishing located in the Sangareddy district near Hyderabad. The presence of wildlife, feathery birds, the scenic beauty of nature will make you go enthusiastic. It is famous for its flora and fauna. It also has various types of fishes. Migratory birds like flamingos settle down here with their entire flock making the scene beauteous. This is truly a sensible place.

Shamirpet Lake

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One of the best locations for fishing in Hyderabad is Shamirpet, located at a distance of 27 km from Secundrabad Hyderabad. It’ sIt’s a human-made lake built during the reign of Nizam. The beauty of this lake is seen, especially during the winter is eye-capturing. The lovely birds, harmonious nature, and peaceful fishing will drive you crazy.

Osman Sagar

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This mind-blowing place, also called “Gandipet,” has soul capturing surroundings, which will make you relaxed and refreshed; located 20 km away from Hyderabad is an enjoyable place. People gather here with their families and friends for a picnic, touring and fishing as well. The lovely scenario, lushly greenery, colder climate, and the soothing surroundings will soften your heart. It’ sIt’s named after the 7th Nizam of Hyderabad, Mir Osman Ali Khan. Stocks of fishes like prawns, murrels, Rohu are mostly sold and caught. The sorts nearby the lake have an excellent tasty meal. It’ sIt’s a perfect idea for evening hangouts and weekends.

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One of the best places for fishing and the peaceful day is Pangal, also pronounced as Panagal present in Nalgonda, located 101 km away from Hyderabad. It’ sIt’s an excellent place to have great joy with your family and loved ones. This place is never calm. People from nearby cities and towns visit here more often. Fishers catch fishes from various angles by using fishing nets and sailing into the water. Ordinary people also compete with them. The fishes caught here are fresh and delicious when cooked. Rohu, murrel, pomfret, bochu are very large in number. This is a wondrous place where you should have a must visit.


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Known to very few Akkampally is the best spot for fishing and holiday picnic. This is located in Adisarlapally Mandal in Nalgonda district, 64 km away from Hyderabad. Here you get various types of fishes. Just browse through YouTube, and you will get to know this excellent place. The scenery around this is so dazzling and will hypnotize you to visit it again and again.

Nagarjunasagar Dam

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Finally, the God of dams, the Nagarjunasagar dam, is one of Telangana’s most visited barriers. It’ sIt’s famous for its dam, recorded as the world’s largest masonry dam with 26 gates is India’s pride. It is located in Nalgonda, 160km away from Hyderabad. The impressive sites and surroundings will cheer your mind and soul. It’ sIt’s a great place for tourism. Fishes caught here are sold throughout the Telangana. The night view of this place is so magnificent. If you love to experience something adventurous besides fishing, this is the perfect place to fulfill your needs.

Finally, break from your work and visit these exciting places which will surely refresh your mind and body. Make your great memories with your fishing adventure.

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