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Top 10 Swimming Pools In Hyderabad

Everyone is fond of playing in the water. The splashing and drizzling of water make us more energetic. When we observe the forward and backward movements of the water waves, the waves draw us closer to it, and we feel so exciting. Playing in the water is fun-tastic. And so, swimming pools have been set up to have nonstop fun in the water.

As said, there’s no lack of fun in Hyderabad. Being a city of Nizams, it had satisfied every need of joy and enthusiasm. When it comes to swimming spots, it has a good collection of swimming pools ready for you.

Swimming is an exciting sport which helps you to build a strong and healthy body. Let’s discover full swimming pools in Hyderabad. Here’s the list.

  1. GHMC Swimming Pool
  2. Oyster Indoor Swimming Club
  3. Rahul Swim Academy 
  4. SR Indoor Swimming Poo
  5. NizamClub Swimming 
  6. SYR Swimming Pool
  7. Four Seasons Indoor Swimming Pool
  8. Golconda Resort Swimming Pool
  9. Gachibowli Stadium Pool
  10. SPLASH

GHMC Swimming Pool

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The government of Telangana maintains one of the best swimming pools in Hyderabad. The GHMC team supports it well. The pool water is clean and hygienic. They also provide trainers for clients to improve their swimming skills.

  • Where: Amberpet, Sanathnagar.
  • Time: 9:45am- 7pm


  • Swimming workouts.
  • Skating and other indoor games.
  • Breath controlling techniques.

Oyster Indoor Swimming Club

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It’s an indoor swimming pool provided with all the swimming facilities. It’s one of the famous swimming pool in the city, offering separate swim slots for adults and children.

  • Where: Madhapur.
  • Time: 7am-10:30pm.


  • Professional trainers.
  • Swimming classes.
  • Affordable price.

Rahul Swim Academy

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It’s a highly preferred training academy for swimming in Hyderabad. Having professional trainers to teach you basic and advanced swimming skills for both ages. They also teach new styles to have swag in your swimming.

  • Where: Kukatpally
  • Time: 6am-9pm


  • Various courses and memberships are available.
  • Slots per your convenience.
  • A refreshing dip in the pool.
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SR Indoor Swimming Pool
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It’s famous for the temperature-controlled indoor swimming slots. There are male and female instructors for exclusive training and expert training for professional and personal training. It’s not so crowded and a lively place to swim.

  • Where: Chandanagar, Miyapur
  • Time: 6am-10pm


  • Guaranteed swimming in 20 days.
  • The only temperature-controlled indoor swimming.
  • Lady instructors for females.

Nizam Club Swimming

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It’s a great place and a professional club to visit. Besides swimming, various facilities like a library, health club, shuttle court, tennis court, billiards, and card section are available.

  • Where: Assembly road
  • Time:4am-9pm


  • A.C.TV Lounge
  • Bar
  • Restaurant

SYR Swimming Pool

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It’s the largest and best place to swim. The surroundings are much hygienic with clean blue water. Providing slots for all ages at a very affordable price.

  • Where: Attapur
  • Time: 6am-10pm


  • Trained coaches.
  • Offers the lowest prices.
  • Separate lockers for clothing and accessories.

Four Seasons Indoor Swimming Pool

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It’s a big swimming pool very well maintained by the staff. You are monitored by the experts so that you won’t get hurdled while swimming. It has a sun protection roof so that you won’t get hit by the sun’s hot rays.

  • Where: Vanasthalipuram
  • Time: 6am-10pm


  • Best trainers.
  • Sun protecting roof.
  • Classes for weight loss/obesity.

Golconda Resort

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It’s such a cosy and decent place to have a family trip. The surrounding nature is eye soothing. It also offers you a wide variety of entertainment choices. It also has luxurious villas to stay in.

  • Where: Gandipet
  • Time: 7am-7pm.


  • Dining.
  • Spa.
  • Recreational activities.

Gachibowli Stadium Pool

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Having certified coaches and kids friendly pool Gachibowli stadium pool is a must-visit. The pool premises is safe and secure. You can also join swimming classes to improve your swimming.

  • Where: Gachibowli Stadium.
  • Time:6am-7pm.


  • Separate ladies’ session.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Separate swimming classes.


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It’s an excellent place to have a dip in the hot summer. As warm air blows through aqua heaters, you can also have relaxed swimming in winters. The pool is equipped with European temperature controlling equipment. It’s a commercial and well-maintained place to swim.

  • Where: Secundrabad.
  • Time: 6am-8pm.


  • Observant coaches.
  • At an affordable price.
  • Yearly packages and memberships available.

When your body gets tired, pack up your equipment, and have great fun here at the pool. Thus, this is a list of places where you can enjoy your swimming. Have fun.

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